CommonSpace is an amazing community resource! When I lost my job recently, I was able to connect quickly with other CalArts alumni. Before long I was hired and am now working in a role that I really enjoy. Thank you!
— CalArts Alum


Today's Students are Tomorrow's Alumni

The online alumni experience need not be a separate, disconnected experience for alumni only. Schools that integrate alumni with their broader community have a chance to establish and maintain stronger ties and improve metrics from retention to giving.

On a Tenlegs network with Alumni Relations, graduating students are seamlessly transitioned to alumni status and gain access to special features available only to alumni. They keep the same login on the same platform, and retain an enduring record of their student activities, documents, community connections, and more. Best of all, this means a 100% adoption rate for new alumni. Read on to learn about the enhanced services Tenlegs offers for alumni.


Key Alumni Relations Features

Tenlegs Career Services Mobile Friendly Job Board

Alumni Directory

Search, filter, and browse

Customizable search

Admin user management

Tenlegs Career Services Employer Database

Career Support

Admin & community job post

Target to alumni

Rich media content



Mentorship Support

Connect with alumni & students

Admin mentor management

FERPA compliant



Monthly campaigns

Rich media



Bulletin Board

Community posting forum

Review and approval

Daily notifications


Events Management

Event listing, search, and filtering

Community & admin event posts

Event post approval workflow


Your Complete Alumni Engagement Platform

Learn how Tenlegs integrated platform will improve alumni engagement.