How To – 9 Great Water Splash Tutorials

So we showed you the art of water splash and high speed photography. Now it’s time to try it out! Here are 9 fantastic tutorials with in depth guides from necessary equipment to setup and camera settings.


1. Shooting & Editing High Speed Fruity Water Splash

2. 13 Steps for Shooting the Perfect Water Droplet


3. How to Photograph Water Drops


4. Water Droplet Photography from PhotosbyKev


5. How to: High Speed Splash Photography


6. The Comprehensive Water Drop Photography Guide


7. How to Photograph a Water Droplet without Flash


8. Water Drops Behind the Shot


9. Tribute to James Cameron’s “The Abyss”


  1. This is really cool. I feel like these kinds of How To’s should definitely be their own forum type as we discussed! And they can still make use of a media bar with all these screenshots

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