Content vs. Distribution


Whether you’ve been watching the fall of Netflix, the movie studios battling over windows with Blockbuster or the tough negotiations that TV channels have been holding with cable providers, you will largely see media stories pointing to a battle that’s been going on for ages: Content vs Distribution.

Many media moguls argue that “Content is King” -without it distributors would have nothing to show consumers.  Yet sadly for artists, the last decade has run by distribution CEOs at companies like AMC Theatres, Time Warner Cable and even Netflix.

However now is seems that content is starting to get the upper hand! As more distributors come to the market, giving creators more outlets to reach consumers, the value of content is skyrocketing.  One analyst recently noted that Netflix will need to pay 10x more for its content in 2012 than it did two years ago!

So now it’s your turn to get into content.  At Tenlegs we are a big believer in the power that truly creative content holds. Our goal is to help you find collaborators and a community that will allow you to build your content to perfection!  What are you waiting for?

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