Artist Taxes: Finding Your Accountant

So if you’ve been following our Monday tax tips for artists, you’ve hopefully gotten the message that….you should work with an accountant!  An accountant should help shield you from accidentally committing a wrong-doing , being audits, and save you money overall.

So how do you go about finding the right accountant based on your entrepreneurial creative business?  Here are three tips that have been suggested for artists in their search for an accountant:

Ask if they’ve ever worked with any creative clients: If your accountant has worked with film, music or artist clients he may have more ideas of specific deductions that you may be eligible for.   If they haven’t, at least make sure they have worked with entrepreneurs –since artists are entrepreneurs afterall!

Find someone nearby: This will allow you to better explain your needs, specific activities and that person will be fully knowledgeable of your home state’s tax laws.

If you’ve done work in multiple states: Make sure in advance that your accountant is familiar and comfortable working with the different state codes.

As always, you should consult your tax advisor for full advice before filing.

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