All About Tribeca

Here in NYC everyone in the film world is getting excited because tonight’s the night:  it’s the start of the 11th annual Tribeca Film Festival!

Over the years the festival has morphed a bit and many critics argue that it is no longer about supporting the art of film, but the commercialization of film.  For example, this year’s festival will start tonight with a screening of The Five Year Engagement starring Emily Blunt & Jason Segel (not quite an indie film) at the Zeigfield theater (not quite Tribeca…but at least it’s in NYC?)

But with that said there are still plenty of very worthy indie film and emerging artists being showcased and we recommend checking out!

Here are some need to know facts about this year’s Tribeca Film Festival:

  • General Screening Tickets are $8-$16 (there are $2 discounts for students and seniors)
  • Passes are available (though many may be sold out now) and you can also get tickets at the door for screenings that aren’t sold out
  • There are many panels you can attend for only $25
  • If you are going in a group make sure to get there early -you are only guaranteed a seat…not a bunch together
  • Make sure to ask people in line for recommendations
  • Don’t be late -or you could forfeit your seats!




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