Collaborating with NYU Stern

NYU Stern is launching several innovative programs and we are honored to partner with them to support these innovative efforts. Their Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) Program is one such example. Over the course of the program, students from many corners of the world participate in the NYU Stern MSBA program, and must frequently collaborate and interact with one another from a distance. That’s where Tenlegs comes in! Our secure, privately-branded platform allows MSBA students to connect and get to know one another prior to actually meeting in person on campus. Students’ profiles and portfolios on our platform serve as introductions to the community and facilitate engagement between students, faculty, and alumni.

The Tenlegs platform also enables NYU Stern MSBA community to create, share and comment on ideas to begin forming groups for their final projects. In private groups, students can seamlessly communicate, share documents, work toward their final presentation, and invite in a faculty advisor at any time in the process.

The ability to get acquainted, share, and collaborate via the Tenlegs platform makes geographical boundaries irrelevant and allows NYU Stern MSBA students to engage even from their many corners of the world.

We’re excited to support the NYU Stern MSBA program and its students to help create their global community and foster cross-border and cross-cultural collaboration! How can Tenlegs help your school community? To learn more click here.