Loyalty Isn’t Enough for Alumni Giving

Authored by Josh Keniston, Research and Product Director, Eduventures

Ice bucket challenges and crowd-funding platforms have dominated non-profit headlines and social media feeds for the last few months. A new generation is using technology in unprecedented ways to raise awareness for causes they care about. Hidden behind the buzz, however, is an important take-away that higher education leaders must understand in order to attract the next generation of donors —it’s not just how this generation gives, but rather why they give.

Eduventures’ Alumni Pulse research, which combines survey data with giving records for over 70,000 alumni, indicates that donor motivations are changing. Most notably, young alumni are far less likely to give out of a sense of loyalty than their parents or grandparents. Only 27% of Millennials cite “obligation” as a top motivator for giving, compared to 50% of Baby Boomers (see Figure 1). Instead, Millennials are more likely to be motivated by the impact that they believe their gifts will make. Read More…

An Era of Scrutiny

Authored by Mark Nemec, PhD, President & CEO Eduventures

As colleges and universities start their fall sessions, President Obama’s plans for higher education need to be top of mind. Top of mind, not because his proposal will take immediate effect—hearings on the issue will take place sometime before 2015 and the President called for implementation by 2018; but rather because his August speech in Buffalo and its proposed policies fully signal what we in higher education have been anticipating: we are in an era of extra attention if not downright scrutiny. Read More...