International Students

Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership



The United States is known as a melting pot of races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and traditions, and has always prided itself on that description. We have only grown more diverse as a nation over time; moreover, new media has allowed for a significant increase in racial/ethnic group identity and pride, not to mention an easy and effective way to share information and organize for change (Shivers 2004). Read More...

International Alumni – a Gold Mine for Many Reasons

Authored by Gretchen Dobson, Ed.D. Global Strategist, Gretchen Dobson, LLC 

Happy Chinese New Year to friends at home and abroad. The Spring Festival is upon us (actual date is February 19) and I wanted to share a few thoughts in response to a recent post on Inside Philanthropy:

The contributor writes about what I agree is often an untapped resource: our international alumni. Read More...