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DePauw University School of Music’s launches innovative 21CM program to prepare musicians for the next century

Today’s musical landscape has evolved to include all kinds of sounds, instruments, and musical performances. No longer do professional and aspiring musicians fit neatly into genres defined by history or expectations.

In fact, the 21st Century Musician is often responsible for charting their own course and carving out a niche within which to practice and share their art with their fans and the world. To cultivate the talent and connections among these pioneering musicians of the 21st century, our partners at DePauw University School of Music have built an online community called 21CM, and we’re thrilled to be a part!

According to 21CM, the 21st Century Musician is a motivated and entrepreneurial individual who is evolving the musical landscape and creating opportunities for themselves and fellow musicians through their work. 21CM aims to highlight the accomplishments of these musicians through the online magazine at, and also offers educational and informational resources, and an online, collaborative platform called The Hub.

As of Thursday, January 29, 21CM went live with the public launch of the online website The website is an online, professional resource created expressly to help serious musicians thrive in today’s modern musical landscape. is designed for musicians at various stages of their career. Edited through DePauw and written by renowned journalists, administrators and artists in the field, our content covers the people, organizations and projects advancing our art form– from musical icons to up-and-comers. Follow 21CM onTwitter or Facebook.

Along with DePauw and Tenlegs, the creative team behind 21CM includes editorial development – Scott Timberg and Mark McCoy (Dean of DePauw School of Music); website design – Jennifer Logan and Studio Fuse; and creative/editorial direction – Elizabeth Hinckley of Definitive Culture.

Become a foundational member of 21CM and The Hub – create your profile, join a project, and start making connections with musicians worldwide!

Tenlegs’ Role

Tenlegs is honored to work with and support DePauw School of Music in this endeavor. In addition to the digital magazine and resources, 21CM is leveraging the Tenlegs Partner Network to provideThe Hub, a collaborative, social online platform for 21st Century Musicians to showcase and share their work, and to connect and collaborate with fellow artists and musicians. We’re excited to be an integral part of this important new network for pioneering professional and aspiring musicians. Learn more about 21CM here.