It’s true. It matters when professors know their students' names

What will make students have faith in their professors?  Jeremy Wilburn ,  CC BY-NC-ND

What will make students have faith in their professors? Jeremy WilburnCC BY-NC-ND

Authored by Carole R Beal, Professor of Education, University of Florida

The new academic year is off to a start, and thousands of students have entered college for the first time.

I’ve been teaching college students for a long time, but this year, two developments have led me to think hard about my role as a professor: what it is, or rather, what it should be, with regard to undergraduates.

One involves a tenured education professor who was fired from Louisiana State University ostensibly for using profanity in class with her students. The other is the emergence of “learning analytics,” the use of software to flag students who are not doing well in a class.

Although these seem quite different on the surface, both raise questions about what professors owe their students.

Replacing certainty with uncertainty

Students do not need professors to merely pass on facts. Although it is true that today Google makes it easy to find information, Read More...