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Carrying Solutions (Part 3)

Camera Bag Hack Kit Tutorial at Timbuk2

So here’s the final bit from our carrying solutions series! We showed you lots of camera bag alternatives, but they might be pretty pricey for an artist on a budget. Supplies are expensive, and some of these camera bags cost as much as a nice new lens. Luckily, a little creativity and a trip to the hobby store can cut the cost of buying a camera bag.

Andrea Berggren and Timbuk2 show us many ways to make a custom bag suited for your various equipment and purposes!


Custom Camera Bag Tutorial by Andrea Berggren


Carrying Solutions (Part 1)

So you’ve invested in the equipment for your hobby. The only problem is sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to motivate yourself to take this expensive equipment out with you to use because it’s bulky, and there’s no way of easily carrying it with you without throwing the equipment around in whatever bag you currently have or carrying additional padded bags around (which isn’t exactly low key).

Today, we want to share with you some alternative options for more stylish and inconspicuous carrying of photography equipment for female photographers. Many hobbyists we spoke to said they went out less with their DSLRs and photo equipment or stopped all together because it was just too difficult to carry it. When a day is filled with errands and just some photography snuck in between, a photography bag needs to not only protect and pad camera gear, but also have space and easy access to everything else a person needs to carry. A camera bag needs to do all these things, but it especially needs to be inconspicuous enough for a female photographer to take to lunch with friends or to do grocery shopping with. Many female photographers don’t want taking a bulky camera out with them to be an extra chore.




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