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Tenlegs Feature: Workspace

Did you know that with Tenlegs gives you a workspace with free storage to use as your personal digital studio?

In our quest to help artists succeed, we designed and allocated your personal online workspace. You can keep all the media files you’re working on in one place – no need to email large files back and forth or pay for unnecessary services. Yes it’s actually free, no catch! And it’s completely secure – only you pick who joins your project. Also, all conversations related to the your movie files, music files, etc. stay in one place, too, because we know you like to chat! Finally, this is not just for small files, we are ready for the super large files (Gigs welcome)… we have allocated 5GB of free storage space to get you started.


Projects are little havens for your ideas, your secure storage vault for your films, songs, sketches, writing, manuscripts. Big or small, you can use them to grow your ideas and collaborate with other Tenlegs members towards a common goal. You can also use projects to promote your idea and build an audience or following for your upcoming release.
What are you waiting for?  Time to get your creating on!



Tenlegs Project Profile: Cagney Cried

Rather than an artist profile this week, we thought we might highlight a project that some of Tenlegs’ users are developing -and currently raising production funding for on Kickstarter.

Cagney Cried tells the story of Nick Fazzola, an older working class New Yorker who moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. There he moves into a cramped apartment with two young actresses who drive him up the walls. On his way to audition for his dream role – the lead in a remake of a James Cagney film, he gets thrown in prison where he rooms with two other inmates. Though at first their personalities clash, eventually they bond over their struggles and failures in life. By the time Nick’s sentence is up, they become friends and decide to redefine success on their own terms.

After you read our interview with the Cagney Cried team, why don’t you stop by Kickstarter to help them reach their funding goal to get this great film made!



TENLEGS:  Tell us how you came about the idea for this film?

CAGNEY CRIED TEAM:  The film was written by Steven Randazzo and he has been working on it on and off for the past 8 years or so. He pulled from a lot of his own life experience growing up in New York City and becoming an actor himself. I can put you in touch with him if you’d like to talk further about the script.

What have been the biggest challenges in pre-production?

Our crew is small but passionate and we are obviously working on a very low budget, so most of us have had to balance our time on Cagney Cried with other film work to pay the bills, but it has been a rewarding process and we aren’t in it for the money.

How do you plan to release the film?

We plan on sending the film to all the big festivals when it’s finished. We’ll see what happens from there.

Any tips to Tenlegs readers who want to get a film off-the-ground?

Too many people feel they have to wait for conditions to be perfect and for some sense of legitimacy that will never come. My advice is to just start, just go for it, you’re never going to have enough free time, good enough equipment, or the perfect script.

What’s the best reason that someone should visit your kickstarter and help out the project?

I think this project is something worth supporting because everyone involved is passionate about making a good, meaningful film based on solid storytelling and acting. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts being taken to try and make it something more than it is. If someone is a fan of decent films that stand on a good script with well thought out characters and want to see films like that continue being made then this is the project to support.