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The Meme that Wouldn’t Die!

Since this particular Sh*t So-and-So Says meme won’t go away, we thought we’d at least give our readers some that are relevant to them. As with all these memes there is some harsh language.


5 Days Left to Enter: Five Easy Ways to Get Votes

The last day for entries is October 16, but the last day for voting is October 23.  If you haven’t submitted your creation there is still plenty of time to enter your creation in film, music, writing or imagery into the contest to win that $5,000 grand prize!

Here are 5 tips to help you catch up in the voting process:


Tell Your Friends and Family

They raised you, put up with you, and are always there for you!  Remember to reach out to your friends and family to let them know that you have entered the Butterfly Effect Contest and the $5,000 grand prize would mean a lot to you and your future creative projects.  We’re sure they’d be more than willing to give you a boost!


Engage the Tenlegs Community

Tenlegs is a growing community for artistic collaboration.  Why not reach out to some of the other users and talk to them about collaborating on future projects?  You can vote for each other -and if one of you wins, you can apply the $5,000 towards your collaboration!


Tap Into Your Social Media Network

Use Facebook, Twiiter, Youtube and your blog to get the word out about your entry into the Tenlegs contests.   You will be amazed at how many followers can be turned into your cheerleaders as you sprint towards that $5,000 goal.  After all, your followers are your fans and they want to see more of your work!


Reach Out to Industry Leaders

Are you active on any chat forums, Quora threads or real-world groups that focus on film, writing, photography, art or music?  Why not tell the members about the contest and that you have entered.  Creators are usually more than happy to support their peers.  Reach out to the leaders in those areas -a shout out from Kevin Smith could go a long way!


Advertise in Your Daily Communication

Think about how you communicate with people every day.  Consider mentioning your entry in the Butterfly Effect Contest in your email signature, voice mail or away message.  People will find out about the contest and you don’t even have to do the work!