The Andy Warhol Museum Announces Online Education Program

The Andy Warhol Museum and Tenlegs announced a new strategic partnership to host online Warhol-themed classes.

“The Warhol values the power of online tools to reach audiences and fans across the globe and is excited about bringing the expertise of its educators to new audiences, via the Tenlegs platform. This is a great way for us to bring Warhol’s legacy to his fans and other art students who might not otherwise be able to access our programming at The Warhol,” noted Nicole Dezelon, associate curator of education: resources and technology.

The first class in the series, titled Warhol’s Legacy in Contemporary Art, will be taught by Felipe Castelblanco, a multidisciplinary New Media artist with an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University and an artist educator at The Warhol since 2010. Over its six week run, this online course will examine Warhol’s role in contemporary art and how his legacy impacts business, politics and pop culture.

Warhol’s Legacy in Contemporary Art begins on January 20, 2014 and concludes on March 2, 2014. Additional Warhol-related courses, covering a diverse offering of topics and practices will be offered throughout 2014. All classes will take place online at using its collaborative online art education platform.