Parent Portal makes it so easy to stay up to date on what’s going on at my son’s school and check in on his academic performance.
— Parent of a University Partner Student


Parents Are Partners

Parents take great interest in the performance and experience their children. When students go off on their own for the first time, parents want to stay engaged. With the geographical separation not to mention a whole new life, it's tougher for parents to get the information they want about their children and their academics. New channels are needed for parents to access relevant information about their schools and other issues affecting their children and their academics. 

We've built Parent Portal to support parents' desire for easy access to important academic information and provide schools with an exclusive channel for communicating with their students' parents to foster engagement and improve outcomes.

Read on to learn about the features that make Tenlegs Parent Portal so engaging.


Key Community Engagement Features

Tenlegs Career Services Mobile Friendly Job Board


Multi-channel feed

Rich media content

RSS integration

Tenlegs Career Services Employer Database


Timed publishing

Target to parents

Rich media content



Student Connect

Academic info access

Many-to-many connections

FERPA compliant



Monthly campaigns

Rich media



Parent Community

Interest Groups


Profiles and Directory



Event listing, search, and filtering

Community & admin event posts

Event post approval workflow


Your Complete Parent Engagement Platform

Learn how an integrated platform will improve parent engagement.