Find Lost Alumni, Keep Information Up-To-Date

Deliver Valuable Resources and Services

Facilitate Alumni Networking & Connections

Foster Immersive Engagement with Events, Bulletins, and Forums


Boost Giving via the On-Demand, Branded Experience


Your Students of Today are Your Alumni of Tomorrow

We believe the online alumni experience need not be a separate, disconnected experience, only for alumni, but should be integrated with an institution’s broader community to maintain stronger alumni ties.

Implementing the Tenlegs Alumni Experience in conjunction with a Tenlegs Student Experience, graduating students are seamlessly transitioned to alumni status on the network, and gain access to tools alumni. They keep the same login on the same platform, and retain an enduring record of their student activities, documents, community connections, and more. Best of all, this means a 100% adoption rate for new alumni. Read on to learn about the enhanced services Tenlegs offers for alumni.


Alumni Community Network


A private, branded, and easy-to-access network for alumni to form valuable social and professional connections. Unlock the valuable connections between alumni and students, faculty, and administration to create an online experience that reflects the culture and voice of your school, and gives alumni a voice.

  • Customizable experience
  • Profile and portfolio with LinkedIn data sync
  • Advanced search
  • Social connections and activity feed
  • On-platform messaging
  • Mentoring opt-in
  • Digest emails including events, jobs, and more
  • Extensible to the institution’s entire community


Alumni Events

Manage all alumni events centrally, promote attendance through platform notifications, track event engagement to inform future programming

  • Post events to alumni community
  • Community created event posting
  • Admin management and approval
  • Events notifications included in digest emails
  • Event RSVP
  • Attendee tracking

Alumni Auto-Identification Solution and Ease of Access

Innovative solutions to automatically authenticate alumni enabling seamless access and increasing adoption rate. Make it easy for lost alumni to reconnect, and reduce your authentication workload.

  • Multi-point identity authentication
  • Configurable, streamlined workflows
  • Login via social network credentials



Provide enriching media and educational content to your alumni globally, for example leadership addresses, speeches, recorded events, development campaign messages, and career tips for early and mid-career alumni

  • Share valuable content
  • Single or multi-part series
  • Track engagement
  • Add downloads and links
  • Offer content as giving-related gift

Alumni Discussion Forums & Bulletins

An exclusive, trusted place for alumni community discussion to foster the key informal interactions that underpin a vibrant community. Give your alumni a voice, and gain insight into the topics they are discussing to help inform services or resources the institution can provide.

  • Forum creation, categorization, and administration
  • Threaded discussions and multimedia content
  • Interactive community bulletin board for posting requests and offers
  • Advanced search of forums and bulletins
  • Topic engagement metrics
  • User activity metrics

Data, Reporting, And Analytics


Leverage data from across all activities to gain insights on engagement drivers for your alumni community to enhance programming, resource allocation, and other decisions.

  • Platform usage metrics
  • Segmentation of users based on engagement
  • Trend analysis on key success measures
  • Individual engagement details and history
  • Student lifecycle longitudinal analysis
  • Custom reporting


Giving Campaigns

Enhance Alumni giving by providing easy, one-click options to contribute individually. Use data to run targeted campaigns.

  • Secure payment gateway
  • One-click payment options
  • Pre-filled forms for seamless giving experience
  • Self-tracking giving history
  • Individual or group giving


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