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Cultivate a Community Among Remote Learners

Give your dispersed learners and educators the vital sense of community that lasts long after program completion – and makes a key difference in the learning experience and long-term success. A complete, school-branded, private, secure online home for community. 

  • Rich member presence, profile, and portfolios promote interest-based connections beyond geographic or departmental boundaries
  • Social connections and community activity feed
  • Advanced search and filtering 
  • Group, team, and cohort formation
  • Student engagement metrics tracking enables proactive re-engagement

Remote Collaboration and Teaming

Enable teams to form and collaborate on projects with enterprise-grade team collaboration tools. Allow faculty to gain visibility into work progress throughout project execution, provide guidance and input, and assess team member contributions. 

  • Threaded discussions
  • Multi-media content
  • Attach files from anywhere
  • Create and manage team and individual tasks
  • Real-time and daily digests
  • Manage access and permissions
  • Faculty and outside advisor collaboration
  • Track engagement and participation

Discussion Forums

A place for open community dialog and topic-based discussion, fostering the key informal interactions that underpin a vibrant community. 

  • Forum creation, categorization, and administration
  • Threaded discussions and multimedia content
  • Advanced search
  • Topic social engagement metrics 
  • User activity metrics

Manage Community Communications

One-to-one and one-to-many communication channels facilitate information flow to the community.

  • Bulk messaging to students, alumni, groups, etc. 
  • On platform member-to-member private messaging
  • Daily digest of community activity and announcements

Events & Bulletins Management

Improve program coordination, raise awareness, promote community interaction with a central hub for event and bulletin posting and management, while reducing administrative hassles

  • Post to entire community
  • Customizable posts and forms
  • Multi-media content
  • Posts included in daily digest
  • Admin event posting approval
  • RSVP and attendee tracking

Unleash Innovation in Entrepreneurial Programs

Establish a vibrant, interactive online ecosystem to broaden the reach and increase the impact of your entrepreneurship programs.

  • Facilitate community building and networking 
  • Engage students, faculty, alumni, and outside experts and investors 
  • Ideation, pitching and community feedback and voting
  • Team collaboration tools facilitating faculty involvement
  • Forums for ideation, feedback, and seeking expertise

Webinars & Self-Guided Courses

Host webinar and self-guided courses to share valuable content with the school community and beyond

  • Provide community access to rich content
  • Single piece content or multi-part series
  • Mixed multimedia content support 
  • Progress tracking
  • Add downloads and links
  • Offer content and courses for pay to broader community or public

Career Services

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